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Minis Set

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Introducing the ultimate travel bag filled with an assortment of delightful body mists! This bag is not only stylish and convenient, but it also comes for free, making it the perfect addition to your travel essentials. This bag includes: 1. Bubblegum Body Mist: Enjoy a burst of sweet and playful fragrance with this bubblegum-scented body mist. It will leave you feeling refreshed and smelling absolutely delightful throughout your journey. 2. Wild Berries Body Mist: Indulge in the luscious and enticing aroma of wild berries with this body mist. Its refreshing and fruity notes will invigorate your senses and keep you feeling rejuvenated on the go. 3. Love Paris Body Mist: Experience the romantic and captivating essence of Paris with this body mist. Its elegant and sophisticated fragrance will transport you to the streets of the City of Love, ensuring that you carry a touch of romance wherever you wander. 4. Vanilla Fudge Body Mist: Immerse yourself in the comforting and sweet scent of vanilla fudge with this body mist. Its warm and indulgent aroma will create a sense of coziness and leave you feeling pampered throughout your travels. This travel bag filled with an array of delightful body mists is the perfect companion for all your adventures, and the fact that it comes for free is a bonus you won't want to miss out on.

Box Contains:

4 Mini Body Mists


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